Euroscaf Access Machines

Elevating Efficiency in Construction

Discover Efficiency with Innovation.

Maximize Efficiency with Customized Euroscaf Machines.

Enhance productivity and profitability with our cost-effective, quality-assured access machines, tailored to your unique needs.

Select our versatile work platforms and hoists for superior performance, designed specifically for your projects.

Embrace smart, personalized technology in construction today

Mast Climbing Work Platform

Euroscaf’s platforms offer versatile, high-altitude access solutions for construction, enhancing safety and productivity.

Transport Platforms

Efficiently move materials and personnel on construction sites with Euroscaf’s reliable transport platforms.

Construction Hoists

These hoists provide secure and speedy vertical transportation for both materials and workers, streamlining construction workflows.

Experience the power of smart technology today

Choose our advanced work platforms and hoists for unmatched performance and cost savings.


Our Goals

Safe Work

Machines designed and manufactured according to CE Standards to ensure your team working safely

Reduced Costs

Working with these machines you will be able to perform your work faster and to cut dead times, lifting material and personnel.

Easy Stock and Transport

Thanks to the fewer parts, it’s easier to list what’s needed for the construction site, reducing load space and simplifying the final material check, thus avoiding missing parts.

Independent Work

You don’t need to wait for the crane or other lifting mean. Lifting means are not to be shared with other teams working in the site.

Ergonomic and less tiring work

Your team is going up and down without effort and they can stop with the machines exactly where it is necessary.

Easier and faster assembly

Using Euroscaf mast climbing platforms (e.g., Mod. Cosmos), 900 sq. m. can be set up and dismantled in 5 days, speeding up readiness and saving time for the job.


Time Reduction For Assembly & Disassembly

  • 70% 70%

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