twin mast


Vertical element

49 kg. / lbs 110

esi mono

COSMOS is a mast climbing work platform medium/ small with maximum load capacity 3800 kg. / lbs 8535

Easy to move, assemble and disassemble.

Suitable for narrow spaces.

Perfect for facade processing, renovation and new construction.


COSMOS is the ideal lifting solution to carry out different processes: new constructions, renovations, paints, insulation laying, roof renovation, inspection, cleaning, maintenance and installation of insulation and finishing systems.


  • Reduced costs thanks to the versatility of the machines (single and twin masts and various possible configurations)

  • Work safely (the machine is fully protected);

  • Maximum efficiency (materials and personnel loaded on the platform allow faster work and higher quality);

  • Faster execution (the time is used to perform the work and is not lost waiting for auxiliary lifting equipment);

  • More ergonomic work (the platform stops at the exact point where it is necessary to work, personnel no longer have to bend or stretch to reach the work area);

  • Interchangeable parts;

  • Reduced parts warehouse;

  • Safety devices (avoid collision or fall accidents).


Max. 7 persons


COSMOS is an electric lifting platform that lifts people and materials. The load capacity ranges from 1 to 3.8 ton. at the speed of 8 m./min. Designed especially for working in situations of restricted access spaces (historic centers and access with reduced dimensions) is perfect for painting work, renovation.   Easy to move, assemble and disassemble. Suitable in very tight space situations. Perfect for facade work, renovations and new constructions.

1.25 m. / ft 4,10 wide platform reduces the space needed to transport and store the machine, allowing workers to have enough space to perform the work in the most comfortable and efficient way.

The platform is extremely intuitive and is operated simply by moving a lever.

COSMOS is designed for maximum work efficiency, increased productivity and reduced installation time.

Rack and pinion guide the machine up and down. Chassis and rollers ensure perfect movement along the column. A safety device activated by speeding prevents fatal falls.

Max load

3800 kg. / lbs 8535

Safety devices

  • Self-braking gear motors;

  • Manual emergency descent;

  • Upper/lower mechanical stop device;

  • Relay phase control;

  • Upper/lower limit switch;

  • Proximity device against falling (detects the presence of vertical elements);

  • Door limit switch;

  • Acoustic signal of movement.

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