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How can I renew a façade?

Being the façade constantly exposed to weather conditions (wind, rain, sun) after some years starts to get damaged or start to have small problems (for example the formation of cracks). Moreover, some buildings, built in the construction boom years, whose quality is...

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How to built a garden shed

Are you a do-it-yourself enthusiast? Do you have spare time to use to test your skills? Then you can try to use this time to start your own project of a garden shed.  You will find many projects (video and instructions) on various type of garden sheds to be...

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Chassis for mobile home

MOBILE-HOME CHASSIS according to your needs. How do you like your mobile home would be? but most of all, how would the structure on which your mobile home is built on? EUROSCAF, thanks to his 27-years experience in metallic manufacturing and yard machinery, realize...

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