FACADE RENEWAL – increase the value of the building

As the façade is consistently exposed to varying weather conditions—wind, rain, and sun—it inevitably undergoes wear and tear over the years, manifesting issues such as cracks.

Particularly, buildings constructed during the boom years may exhibit suboptimal quality, necessitating eventual facade renovation.

Undoubtedly, the renovation of a façade is a substantial undertaking. It entails the assembly of scaffolds or platforms for work at height, and costs are contingent upon dimensions and duration.

For those inclined towards a “do it yourself” approach, it’s crucial to recognize that assembling scaffolds or using platforms requires proper training.

Additionally, if opting for professional assistance, it’s imperative to acknowledge that the individual working on your property is your responsibility. Ensure they adhere to safety standards to mitigate risks associated with the renovation process.

Works that can be done:

  • Painting or cleaning the façade : older buildings, usually have more problems and need longer operations with higher costs.The advantage at the end of the intevention will be a nicer building with an increased value. For more recent buildings usually painting is enough and works are done in a few days. Do not try to save money on the quality of the materials. Good quality materials means a long lasting renovation!
  • Fixing cracks : each house is “alive” and the soil compactation creates cracks in the walls. External cracks make cold and humidity enter into the house. They can be a very serious problem. It is necessary to find them and seal them skillfully.
  • Coating a façade : coating a façade today offers a variety of incredible solutions. Ceramics, marbles, glasses, aluminum panels, composed materials, steels. Insulating materials also. There are hundreds of solutions. You just have to choose the one you like it most and that better meet your budget.
  • Gutters repairing : as time goes by gutters get clogged up or they got broken, therefore it is necessary to do something. Now there is a big choice also in gutters : steel, zinc, pvc, copper. Costs depends on the material and the aestethic result is quite different. Check in your country if there are Standards to follow to dimension gutters.

Rely on a Professional could help you to solve most of the doubts and problems.

With EUROSCAF mast climbing work platforms it will be easier to perform the works faster and with higher quality.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further info : info@euroscaf.it


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