Are you a do-it-yourself enthusiast? Do you have spare time to use to test your skills?

Then you can try to use this time to start your own project of a garden shed. 

You will find many projects (video and instructions) on various type of garden sheds to be built in wood. The results are amazing and if you are skillful, the construction can be done in quite a short time. If you need inspiration, you can check for example in Pinterest or Youtube and you will find ideas and instructions. If you are lucky and you have don’t have space problems, you can probably find the dimensions suitable for you. 

When you have finished your shed, you will be satisfied of your work and you will enjoy it, maybe for a couple of years, then you will have to maintain it! Paint it at least every 2 years!

My house is full of wood. Roof, windows. Outside is a never ended story!

Weather conditions (sun & rain) are damaging the wood and it is necessary to treat it in the proper way. If you already know what I mean, then you will understand why we finally decided to make the garden shed in a different material in order to avoid maintenance!

We have designed and built a garden shed in hot dip galvanized metallic structure (no rusty, no maintenance) and to make it more pleasent we put some false stone on the walls. 

Problem solved!!!! After more than 10 years no maintenance at all! so we have time to spend with the family, playing with kids and doing our favourite hobby!


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