twin mast working platform

High quality mast climbing work platforms, designed and built in order to have the best compromise between results, efforts and machines size.

Using an elephant to move a leaf is nonsense, therefore each machine is studied according to its use.

The machines are made in modules easy to handle, erect and disassemble. Transport is easier and less expensive.

Modules are easy to stock and a small storage is enough. Most of the parts are hot dip galvanized, included the rack of the vertical elements (made in special harder steel to have higher lifetime).

Thanks to years of experience, Euroscaf’s products have been improved in order to avoid problems in the yard, keeping them resistant and simple as much as possible.

Euroscaf knows the importance for our customers of working safely without stopping the process for inconveniences.

All Euroscaf’s machines are equipped with all the electric devices expected by EU-Standards and also :

  • self-braking gear-motors;
  • emergency manual descent;
  • mechanic stop device top/bottom;
  • control phases relay;
  • top/bottom limit switches;
  • proximity device to detect the presence of vertical elements;
  • door limit switch;
  • acoustical signal of movement.

Material & personnel

Medium / Hard works

Material & personnel

Light works

Model ESI

Extra safety : emergency parachute device

Material & Personnel

Hard works

Model ESA

Extra safety : emergency parachute device
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