HOISTS (for material) - TRANSPORT PLATFORMS (for material and personnel)

What are construction hoists for?

Each construction company, starting a new yard, whenever possible, install a crane.

However, there are yards that must face particular situation:
– small size of manoeuvre;
– historical centres (where it becomes difficult or impossible to arrive with a traditional crane);
– renovation (where installing the crane becomes expensive and complex);
– big yards (the crane is shared by such a large number of users that it is often necessary to wait to be able to use it).
Building site hoists are a valuable alternative for loading and transporting at height,
In this way it is possible to bring up and down the workers, avoiding to let them use scaffolding to climb and descent.
It is possible to load materials directly in the hoist going up from the lowerable ramps or loading directly from truck bodies.
These machines allow to arrive in a simple and fast way up to 120/150 meters high and to bring up to 1500 kg.

Material hoists

Material hoist, monte materiaux, plateforme

Transport platforms

Transport platform, plateforme de transport
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