EUROSCAF & your privacy

According to Italian & European Laws, we respect your right to privacy and we understand that you prefer to control your own personal information and preferences. For this reason, we will guard the personal information you share with us to ensure that it will not be used for sending unwanted advertising or sold to third parties.

EUROSCAF respects the rights users give us when filling in the form and enforces internal policies to preserve those right.

As part of your preference flexibility, you will always have the option to ask EUROSCAF to delete your personal information from its archives.

This information is relevant to EUROSCAF’s site starting from the address home page of the site and not for external sites.

Datas are collected by Euroscaf srl, Via Minato 7/A, 31039 Riese Pio X (TV), ITALY – tel. +39 0423 746732 –

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