Even if the building is curved, it is possible to install the twin mast climbing work platform. The gap towards the wall is closed creating an extra floor with the help of the telescopic extensions inserted in the beams.


In the last years Governments grant facilities to insulate buildings. COSMOS allows to cover 32 m. facade  up to 150 m. high.  Materials and workers are loaded on the platform and moving a lever on the control board the machine is lifted up to the desired height.



Manutenzione viadotto. Interventi su piloni. Idro-demolizione (scarificazione) e ricostruzione del pilone . Asportazione calcestruzzo corticale ammalorato. Getto di calcestruzzo.

Motorway viaducts needs maintenance time by time. COSMOS let you perfectly countour the pillars and perform the restoration in the most safe and fast way.



renovación, restauración, rifacimento facciata 

There are many apartment blocks that looks “old-fashioned”. New colors and small details give the opportunity to improve the glance of the building and to increase the value of the flats.




Balconies are not a problem at all. Twin mast climbing work platform let you perfectly contour the facade. Here you can clearly see the detail of the telescopic arms extended. The area created on telescopic arms is only for persons to work. Materials must be loaded on the nominal platform.




This building in Africa is an icon for the country. The aesthetics give the opportunity to distinguish this facade and to let the customer be more respected and valued. The work performed with the electric mast climbing work platforms was also a boast for him and his company.



Single mast climbing work platforms ESA let reach longer single mast platforms. The platform is a little bit wider and the loading capacity increased.



Transport platforms for material and personnel is a “must” to  reach the working area without effort and safe energy to execute the proper process. This machine has lowerable ramps so that the material can be easily loaded on the ground or from a truck and easily downloaded at the desired floor. No need to wait for the crane or to climb ladders.


Euroscaf Cosmos single mast climbing work platforms. Special telescopic floor to contour the chimney to be demolished. Euroscaf Cosmos andamio de cremallera monomastil. Extensiones telescopicas especiales para contornar el cimineo y hacer su demolición. Euroscaf Cosmos ponteggio elettrico autosollevante. Estensioni telescopiche speciali per contornare la ciminiera e demolirla.

Single mast working platforms. Installed on a chimney to be demolished. 4 single mast mcwp contour perfectly the chimney allowing personnel to reach the structure and demolish it in the most safe and fast way. Even if the dimension of the chimney was not the same from the ground to the top the assembly was possible also with the help of telescopic extension to adjust the gap and stay close to the chimney.



2  twin mast working platforms were installed around a shopping centre to add an extra floor.

The use of mcwp reduce to minimum the visual impact, so that shops owners were not disappointed.

Construction works were performed fast and workers had been able to be extremely efficient thanks to the material loaded with them on the platforms.



montacarichi, piattaforma di trasporto, montapersone, elevador de personas y materiales, hoists 

Apartment renovation can be disappointing for neighbours, when workers pass with demolished materials in the common areas getting dirty everywhere.

The transport platform for material and personnel ESC-1000 has been used to access to the apartment through the facade so that workers, tools and goods were lifted without disturbing anyone.

The renovation was executed very fast and the owner of the apartment was very happy with the company doing it.



50 m. high to reach climbing stairs are cost and energy effective.

It takes too long time to reach the point where you are supposed to  work and to lift material.

ESC-1000 transport platform for material and personnel  has been installed  anchrored to the scaffold to access to the the various floors so that workers, tools and goods were lifted without effort.


Single Mast COSMOS

Single mcwp to install aluminum balconies.

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