The choice of the floor in mast climbing work platforms.

Wood or metallic?

There is no answer that can fit for every customer.

There are different motivations that lead you to choose one material or the other.


Pro: It is more economical, it can be more easily molded in case of facades with special contours and the contact for accidental falls does not cause large scratches.

Cons: It spoils faster in adverse environmental conditions, the movements in the yard can cause chipping or breakage.


Pro: The surface is non-slip, the material is galvanized and resists better to adverse environmental conditions. The duration therefore is of years without problems.

Cons: The initial cost is higher.

In conclusion over the years we have realized that every country and every customer have their own motivations to orient themselves on one material or another. Funny anecdote is the change of orientation of Spanish customers from wood to metallic after finding workers in the yard that destroyed wooden platforms to make fire and cook sausages.

You have the choice!


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