From Uncertainty to Acceptance:

The entry of Mast Climbing Work Platforms into the construction industry


Some companies still hesitate to make the transition from the traditional use of scaffolding to mast climbing work platforms, despite the clear advantages offered by these machines.

What are the reasons for this hesitation?

Hesitation often finds its roots in the habit and convenience of using something familiar. In the construction world, professionals, already under tight deadlines for project completion, tend to avoid change, fearing that they may have to adapt their habits and work methodologies. However, it cannot be ignored that traditional scaffolding often causes problems and delays on construction sites.

A builder with years of experience shared his thoughts: “Construction using traditional scaffolding binds us to have fixed heights, determined by scaffolding’s height, making the work more complicated. When you are on the scaffolding, there is the phase where you need to work over your head and it is therefore necessary to stretch, a phase where you have to work in the lower level and you are forced to bend or kneel and then there is also the where the scaffolding’s walkway in the middle often becomes an additional obstacle. This way of working often leads to unsatisfactory results, because it requires physical effort with uncomfortable postures and poor visibility.”

One must be realistic and recognize the clear advantages of using mast climbing work platforms, machines capable of solving the problems associated with the use of traditional scaffolding and improving efficiency and safety on construction sites.

Psychological barrier: Staying anchored to “Familiar” Things

Resistance to change is a common trait in many industries, but in the field of construction it is deeply rooted. The thought of “we’ve always done it this way” is a constant refrain. Often, we hesitate to try something, not necessarily new, but just unfamiliar, because it’s different from what we feel “secure” with”.  We may also be held back by the fear of being the first to adopt new practices, a natural fear born of uncertainty.

Being pioneers in one’s organization and industry can be intimidating, and this fear of taking the initiative can prevent you from taking that step forward.

The use of mast climbing work platforms has existed in many countries and realities for decades and the experience and successes of others dispel unfounded fears and leads to the appreciation these machines are finding in the construction industry.

Everyday examples of mast climbing work platforms used on various construction sites by different companies help overcome the resistance that some still have. It is right and important to listen to the reasons of people who still believe these machines are not useful and openly discuss with them to understand if there are valid reasons or just preconceptions.

Objections may also arise from past bad experiences, such as machines not of excellent quality or from problems of lack of organization in some construction sites. Let’s always strive to be positive and have a proactive problem-solving attitude. Collaborating with experienced will surely help to find simpler and more effective solutions and to approach projects in a more serene way.

Appreciating Mast Climbing Work Platforms as an alternative to traditional scaffolding

The tendency to prefer “familiar” systems such as traditional scaffolding is understandable, but it would be counterproductive to ignore alternatives such as mast climbing work platforms, which demonstrate their undeniable advantages in many construction projects.

An open discussion, information and suggestions can help you better understand mast climbing work platforms and the substantial advantages they can provide.

Increased awareness and confidence could help in making informed choices or even discovering unexpected solutions.

 The significant benefits in terms of safety, productivity, and cost-effectiveness make mast climbing work platforms a valuable investment for optimizing construction sites. 

This does not mean that a mast climbing work platform is the best choice in every situation, but an expert can advise when there are advantages and when it’s better to choose a different solution.

However, when better solutions are available, don’t settle for a less optimal one just because you are not familiar with the possible alternatives. Talk to a mast climbing work platform expert and find out if and how they can assist you with your next project!


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