Triangular or square mast?

What are the differences and benefits that lead to choosing a triangular or a square mast?


For the choice we must consider the type of work we are going to perform.

  • For jobs that need “important” loading capacities or to have particularly long work platforms you choose the square masts. The square mast allows to have greater loading capacity and with the single mast platform version tends to be stiffer and less prone to oscillations. The square mast weight is 89 kg and therefore handling it requires more effort. In the transport and storage is more cumbersome than the triangular mast.
  • For work with “medium/light” loading capacity the triangular mast is the best. The triangular mast weighs 49 kg and is therefore easier to handle and with less effort. Transport and storage are simpler, and the encumbrance is smaller. In situations of limited spaces and accesses it is even more advantageous to be able to save space, even in installation.
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