Rack and pinion motorized platform

What is a mast climbing work platform?

The mast climbing work platform is the ideal machine to work on facades.

With the mast climbing work platform you can stay few centimeters far from the surface where you need to work and you can transport at the same time material and personnel. 

The mast climbing work platform is an horizontal platform that rises and  descends along a rack fixed to vertical elements (trellis).

It consists of modules that are assembled: horizontal modules (beams) to create the platform where you walk and work; vertical modules (trellis) to climb to the height where you need to work.

The movement is transmitted by electric gearmotors, mounted on lifting groups, which rotate pinons along a rack.

It is a lifting machine, designed and built according to EU Standards and therefore does not require a construction plan for every installation. The machine rises and descents simply moving a lever on the control board. 

When the mast climbing work platform has 1 vertical column its is called SINGLE-MAST, when 2 vertical columns are connected with horizontal modules it is called TWIN-MAST.

Euroscaf produces different models and the length and loading capacities vary according to the model.

Unlike traditional scaffolds, mast climbing work platforms lift personnel and material with which it is needed to work and stops exactly where it is needed. 

All EUROSCAF’s machines are equipped with safety devices according to European Standards, moreover they are equipped with : 

  • self braking electric motors;
  • manual emergency descent;
  • mechanical stop at the top of the column;
  • phase control relay;
  • column top / ground safety limit-switch;
  • proximity device to detect the presence of the vertical element;
  • door limit-switch;
  • movement beep.
Ponteggio autosollevante Mod, ESI


Irregular structures or balconies are not a problem.

The machine is assembled near the ledge and iand additional platform is assembled using the telescopic extensions inserted in the machine beams.


triangular vertical element

triangular vertical element

square vertical element

Material and personnel

Light work

Mast climbing work platform

Model ESI

Material and personnel

Medium / heavy work

Mast climbing work platform


Extra safety device : emergency mechanical block 

Material and personnel

Heavy work

Mast climbing work platform

Model ESA

Extra safety device : emergency mechanical block

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