Hoists & Transport Platforms

What are construction hoists useful for?

Normally, when a construction company starts a new project, they put up a crane. But sometimes, there are situations where a different solution is needed:

✅ When there isn’t much space to move around

✅ In old city centers where regular cranes can’t fit

✅ During renovations when putting up a crane is too expensive or tricky

✅ On big sites where there aren’t enough cranes for everyone

Construction lifts are a good alternative for moving things up and down safely.

They can load materials from ramps or directly from trucks.

These lifts can go up to 120/150 meters high and carry up to 1500 kg.

They’re a simple and fast way to move things around on a construction site.

Material hoists

Transport platform

Transport platforms

Transport platform for material and personnel
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