What it a mast climbing work platform?


Very often, when they ask me what our product is and I mention mast climbing work platforms, people seems to be astonished and confused and the next question is “what is a mast climbing work platform?”

It sounds me quite normal such lack of knowledge in normal people but a little bit strange in people that are working on the yard almost every day.

Traditional scaffolds with all those pipes connected together in some way, placed around the houses, are well known more or less by anyone, but mast climbing work platform? It seems to be a perfect stranger!

A mast climbing work platform, just to explain it in the most simple way, is a catwalk (a sort of hallway) that goes up and down on vertical masts (similar to those of high voltage, but smaller and not pyramidal).


It is made like a LEGO, with modules that are connected each other: the horizontal modules to build the catwalk where people walk and work; the vertical one to go up to the desired height where it is necessary to work.

When the mast climbing work platform has a single column, it is called SINGLE MAST.

When 2 columns are connected together with the horizontal modules, it is called TWIN MAST.

Euroscaf produces different models and lengths vary according to the model.

Unlike traditional scaffolds, the mast climbing work platform lifts the personnel and the material necessary to work and stops exactly where it is required to.

But then why is it so little-known?

First of all, due to the problems most of us have in trying something new that we don’t know.

Another element is that using the mast climbing work platform on residential houses with reduced height and size it is often not economically attractive (in Nordic countries on the contrary, where safety and efficiency in work are considered essential factors, they are used mostly everywhere).

In big towns, up to few years ago,  mast climbing work platforms suffer in comparison to traditional scaffolds, not because they were less convenient, quite the opposite!! They were much more convenient and also working times would have been fastened of 2/3, but the advantage in using traditional scaffolds was that advertising banners where there, for years!! And advertising is so well paid that they result to be an income for people who had their own window obscured by a banner!

Public authorities, over time, have understood the problem of these “never-ending” works and set an expiry date for finishing them.

What are the advantages using a mast climbing work platform?

Starting from the premise that, a mast climbing work platform cannot be used in all situations and often a traditional scaffold is the best solution, there are a lot of benefits using a mast climbing work platform: it allows to work with the max efficiency and to be faster and performing (it is not necessary to take the stairs up and down continuously), it allows to load the material necessary to work and to avoid then the use of other machinery (cranes, hoists) to lift it, it allows to work safe on a machine avoiding the risk of falling from the scaffold and it allows to contour the façades where it is necessary to work.

Hoping the info where simple and clear enough, if not, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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