What is a mast climbing work platform?

Frequently, when I mention mast climbing work platforms, people appear surprised and perplexed, often asking, “What is a mast climbing work platform?” This lack of familiarity is understandable for the general public, but it can be a bit surprising when those working on construction sites daily express confusion.

Unlike traditional scaffolds, which are more commonly recognized with interconnected pipes surrounding buildings, mast climbing work platforms seem like unfamiliar territory.

Let me simplify it:

picture a catwalk that moves up and down on vertical masts, resembling those used for high voltage but smaller.

Think of it as a construction tool assembled like LEGO, with horizontal modules for the walking and working surface and vertical modules for reaching the desired height for work.

When the mast climbing work platform has a single column, it is called SINGLE MAST.

When 2 columns are connected together with the horizontal modules, it is called TWIN MAST.

Euroscaf produces different models and lengths vary according to the model.

Unlike regular scaffolds, mast climbing work platforms do more than just lift workers – they also carry all the materials needed for the job. The cool part? They stop right where you need them to, making work super easy and exact.

Why is the mast climbing work platform so little-known?

Firstly, there’s the common hesitation to try something new, a natural resistance to unfamiliarity. Additionally, the use of mast climbing work platforms on smaller residential houses might not always be economically attractive, especially in areas where safety and work efficiency are not considered top priorities (unlike Nordic countries, where they are widely embraced).

In larger cities, mast climbing work platforms used to face tough competition with traditional scaffolds. Surprisingly, even though they were more convenient and significantly sped up work, traditional scaffolds held an advantage because of the presence of advertising banners. These banners, though obstructing views, served as a source of income for those with windows covered by them!

Recognizing the issue of seemingly endless construction works, public authorities have stepped in to set deadlines for completion.

What are the advantages of Using a Mast Climbing Work Platform?

  • Efficiency Boost: Gets the job done faster and more efficiently without constant up-and-down stair climbing.
  • Speed and Performance: Speeds up work and enhances overall performance compared to traditional scaffolds.
  • Easy Material Loading:Allows direct loading of materials, cutting the need for additional machinery like cranes.
  • Safety First: Provides a secure working space, reducing the risk of falls common with traditional scaffolds.
  • Precise Facade Work: Makes it easy and precise to work on specific parts of a building’s facade.

Feel free to reach out if you have more questions or need further information!

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